Aliens and Psionics welcomed

Companion Series

When I first wrote and published Jewels back in 2010, I really hadn't considered writing a series. I left the possibility open but didn't really do anything with it.

Then, in 2011 when I was writing Dream Miner, several of the characters from Jewels unexpectedly showed up in that novel (Yes, I'm talking to you Manroe!). Suddenly, I had storylines and ideas popping in my head that wasn't sure what to do with.

After much thought and discussion with the characters, I came to know that Jewels' storyline was just the tip of a much larger picture.

I decided to name the universe A.E.M. which stands for Aliens, Enhanced and Mecha. The enhanced storyline was started with Dream Miner. The mecha storyline has not been started yet, though it has a basic outline on paper.

To learn more about the Enhanced Chronicles, visit its official website here. Follow me on my official website to learn when the Mecha series begins.