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Felinious Empire

Basic Facts
  • Species Name: Gatoans
  • Government/Military: Monarchy
  • Technology: Yes
  • Religion: Yes
  • Culture/Commerce/Other: Yes

Species Info

The gatoans are a bipedal species that have speech and use mental abilities for communication.

They are similar in appearance to Earth's Feline breeds, such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc.


A monarchy rules the empire and as long as the ruling bloodline is accepted by the other ten non-ruling clans, they are allowed to stay in power.
The The royal famil can change from one bloodline to another by challenge for any of the following reasons: no heirs, Royal Challenge (Comat Skamue) or revolution

There is a royal army and all clans have small private groups comprised of their clansmen to police their own planets.

There are 11 clans: The Royal family (1), High Ruling Clans (7), and the Minor Clans (3). The Minor Houses are the clans with the smallest populations.
The current ruling clan is the Onugra (lion) clan. The High Ruling Families are comprised of the Farsemi (panther), Loporfir (cheetah), Rieyad (tiger), Posaima (puma), Mezalik (lynx), Eirarju (snow leopard), and the Vasdji (jaguar). The Minor Clans are made up of the Zakei (bobcat), Eyriel (leopard) and the Hiesaro (ocelot).

The Gatoans possess the mental abilities of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation.


The Gataons have ships, weapons, planetary vehicles and other technological gadgets.


There are two religious factions: Cupro (forward thinking, scientific curiosity) and the Fopurbi (xenophobic, superstitious)

The leader, or head, of each sect is given the title Uscean. They are responsible for guiding those beneath them in the way of their sect's teachings.


The Gatoans have a thriving culture.

MORE COMING SOON (including maps and breakdown of each clan's structure)

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