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Special Lieutenant Jewels Enbran

Age: 19

Birthdate: February 2082

Occupation: Psionic Special Ops

Jewels Enbran is a disabled telepath who is employed by the World Military. Because of her disability, she is unable to shield her mind from thoughts and emotions, Jewels has, since the age of 4, been assigned to an anchor. Anchors are male telepaths with the ability to extend their mental shield over Jewels' mind.

The one person Jewls considers family and friend is Colonel Jeremy Lingley. Jeremy keeps Jewels grounded and has fought for her and beside her more than any other anchor.

Colonel Lingley also has the distinction of being her longest anchor. Jewels has spent a very lonely life and it isn't until her encounter with Earth's newest allies, the Gatoans, that the young woman begins to yearn for more.

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